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Siemens Styletto

The world’s first slim receiver-in-the-canal (Slim RIC) hearing aid, Styletto transforms the look of hearing aids.
With its iconic, jewel-like aesthetic, Styletto represents the industry’s first significant advancement in the design of wearable hearing technology in decades. Made to suit on-the-go wearers, Styletto combines exceptional style with the convenience of portable rechargeability and the clearest, most natural listening experience even in challenging environments.

Siemens Ace

Ace is Siemens tiniest receiver-in-canal hearing aid, offering the utmost discretion and a superb listening experience. Now you can savor every moment with complete confidence. The discreet Ace's receiver sits directly in your ear canal, enabling a high level of amplification in an ultra-tiny housing. Ace is equipped with the latest version of BestSound Technology for the most natural hearing. It's a complete revolution in audiological engineering that delivers a perfect balance of rich, natural sound quality and audibility. Although Ace is tiny, it is packed with many sophisticated features:

Resistant to moisture, sweat, dust and dirt.

The touchControl App is a remote control option that can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or iTunes® on your smartphone

A tinnitus therapy feature to help manage tinnitus

The latest BestSound Technology

Directional microphones to help you to focus better on conversation

Push button for manual program adjustments


Siemens Pure

Pure offers an outstanding binaural hearing experience, sophisticated features, and elegant design. The receiver sits directly in your ear canal and is just right for people with moderate to severe hearing loss. Although Pure is small, it provides exceptional sound quality and contains more features than any other hearing aid its size. It also boasts the industry's lowest battery consumption, so you can enjoy the best listening experience all the time without concerns about battery life. Siemens Pure is packed with innovations:

Latest BestSoundTM Technology

Directional microphones that help you better focus on conversation

A superior binaural listening experience

Premium wireless connectivity for convenient control

Telecoil for connection and transmission of speech directly into your ears in facilities equipped with an induction loop, such as places of worship, theaters, or public buildings

A tinnitus therapy feature to help manage tinnitus and improve hearing at the same time

Convenient hearing aid with rechargeable batteries for hassle-free handling. Change batteries once a year instead of once a week

IP67-rated for resistance to moisture, sweat, dust and dirt for greater reliability

Rocker switch for program or volume adjustments

Siemens Insio

Insio customs are more powerful than ever before thanks to binax! Now they are available for patients with severe to profound hearing loss. A combination of higher amplification, smaller design, and wireless functionality makes Insio little in size, but big in performance. Insio binax completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aid with binaural OneMic directionality represents a true world's first. These tiny, custom-tailored hearing aids offer directionality that can only be achieved with binaural technology. Available in four tailor-made models: ITE (in-the-ear), ITC (in-the-canal), CIC (completely-in-canal), IIC (invisible-in-canal)
Insio offers:

Advanced BestSoundTM Technology

Insio models with two directional microphones-ITEs and ITCs-are so advanced that wearers can understand speech in demanding environments

Up to 65 dB gain, even in the tiny IIC

Binaural OneMic directionality in CICs and IICs provide superior speech understanding thanks to enhanced directionality

Premium wireless connectivity for absolutely convenient control and audio streaming from Bluetooth-enabled devices

A tinnitus function to manage tinnitus and improve hearing at the same time

Vent for optimal ear ventilation and minimized occlusion


Siemens easyTek

Whether worn on top of your clothing or hidden discreetly underneath, the lightweight and stylish easyTekTM connects your hearing aids to many different Bluetooth®-enabled devices wirelessly. Audio from TVs, MP3 players, phones, and other sources is streamed directly into your ears.

Remote control and streamer in one small, stylish device

Transmits audio signals to both hearing aids in true stereo, at your preferred volume, without disturbing others

Bluetooth wireless line-in input and direct audio input provide connectivity to devices such as TVs, VoiceLinkTM, music players, laptops, smartphones and more

Audio transmission with minimal power consumption for exceptionally reliable Bluetooth and FM streaming

Multipoint system works with two phones at once

Streams audio from two transmitters for TVs and other devices

Siemens easyPocket

Siemens sleek, simple easyPocketTM remote control places all your hearing aids' options at your fingertips. Large, convenient buttons and an easy-to-read display make accessing the features of your hearing aids easier than ever before. Allows you to change your listening program, adjust your volume, check your battery status, and even mute and unmute your hearing aids with the convenient pocket sized remote.