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Contemporary Hearing is located on Venice Island, between Miami Ave. & Milan Ave. on Southbound US 41.


SMALL BUSINESS OF THE YEAR 2017, by Venice Area Chamber of Commerce.

BEST OF VENICE by Venice Gondolie, Winner and Finalist most years.

READER’S CHOICE by Sarasota Herald Tribune, First place and Finalist most years.

We are here to help people understand how technology can enhance their hearing and increase their enjoyment in life. We are passionate about offering solutions to people with a hearing loss. We live in paradise and enjoy helping everyone to live their most enjoyable life possible.

Having lived with people with a hearing loss, we understand the frustrations and irritations that are experienced by family and friends. Addressing hearing loss with available technology and implementing techniques to reduce irritations can heal these relationships.With a thorough hearing test and assessment of your current lifestyle we offer you the best choices for hearing devices.

We provide information about your loss, reviewing your experiences so you can understand the impact of your hearing loss. Karen’s dad, Jerry, is one of the most common stories. He has a loss in the higher frequencies where children and women’s voices are most common. Jerry could not hear Karen well. We had reviewed his loss, fitted him with the correct aids & he wore them for a couple of weeks. We went over to dinner at their house and in the middle of dinner Jerry interrupted Karen’s story and asked her, “have you always talked this much?” We were all laughing so hard, since we realized how long Jerry had not heard Karen around the dinner table.

By providing information so our client’s are involved and committed to their own success in hearing, we can achieve our goals of helping people improve their lives. We realize the commitment that is necessary for a successful transition back into an active lifestyle and actively hearing. We truly want all our clients and their family and friends to enjoy each other. We offer consultation and support to family and friends to ensure they are encouraging the new commitment and are active in our client’s new ability to hear clearly.


Blair Post

Being raised in a hard of hearing household, I understand the frustrations the occur. My mother, MaryEllen, was profoundly deaf and my grandfather, Howard, wore the body aids with the unit in the front pocket. I remember as a child always yelling into the front of his shirt...

I inherited my passionate to help anyone with a hearing loss including their family and friends. I personally understand the tensions hearing loss can cause within a family. My goal is to help by providing appropriate hearing devices and sharing techniques that can reduce frustrations and misunderstandings.

Being raised with a profoundly hard of hearing mother, MaryEllen, I learned tricks and techniques without really being aware of the knowledge I had gained. Mom could not hear conversations in the kitchen when things got busy and pots and pans were clanging. I would stand in the middle of the kitchen and pass messages from my wife to my mom. I know that a deep male voice has a frequency that can over-ride the clatter in the kitchen, and I know the higher woman’s voice, like Karen’s, can’t get through the noise to my mom. It didn’t take Karen long to catch on to the tricks such as getting my mom’s attention before talking to ensure clear communication.