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We understand that no two hearing losses are the same. At Contemporary Hearing in Venice, our hearing professionals work with you to find an individual solution for your lifestyle. By working with all major brands, our products can help any level of loss ranging from mild to severe.

Understanding your needs is essential to finding the best fit for your loss. Today's digital hearing aids offer a wide variety of features to help you hear in any situation. Whether you're having a conversation at a crowed community event or trying to understand voices on the television at home, our devices can help lower the volume of background noise and allow you to focus on the people you want to hear.

Our goal is to help educate families about hearing loss and possible solutions. There are no pushy sales people trying to force technology that does not work for you. Our professional, licensed specialists will explain all of your options. From the affordable hearing aids to premium-level technology, we can guide you through all of your options. With our no pressure trial, you can wear a pair of hearing aids for a week to test how they will work with your everyday activities.

Types of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids come in many shapes in sizes. From the almost invisible completely-in-canal to the more advanced behind the ear, we offer the latest technology to fit your need. When selecting a new hearing aid there are a few things to keep in mind:

Severity of Hearing Loss

Affordability of Aid

Visual Appearance

Dexterity for Adjustments

Sensitivity of Ear Canal



Give it Time
"My voice sounds strange" is probably the most common comment we hear from new users. This is perfectly normal and you will also notice other sounds you probably have not heard in years. Just like you didn't lose you hearing in one day, it will not return to normal in one day. You're brain needs a few days to a week to adjust to the new sounds.

Be a Part of the Conversation
After years of hearing loss, saying "What?" becomes almost a reflex. Give yourself a moment to respond and you will find that you can now understand much more than you think you can.

Be Active and Social
Part of the fitting process is fine tuning the programming to your exact needs. Go eat at a restaurant, enjoy a movie, attend a HOA meeting, or play a game of cards. Being active with new hearing aids in a variety of situations allows you to really test the technology and get back into the activities you love to experience.

Be Specific About Challenges
With many years in the industry, we have heard almost every complaint and issue people face. The more specific you can be about what you have trouble hearing the more likely we can offer the best solution. Having trouble hearing women's voices? We can adjust your high frequencies. Not getting clarity on the phone or TV? We can connect your hearing aids directly to many audio sources. Getting a high pitched whistle? Let's try changing the ear buds to better fit in your ear canal.

Get Your Hearing Tested
Being proactive about hearing loss will offer the best chance for regaining normal hearing. Even if you have been wearing hearing aids, factors such as age and medical conditions can cause your hearing to decline. If has been a few years since your last test, call us and schedule a free hearing test to see if your current hearing aid program needs to be adjusted for your current loss.


Contact us today to schedule a free hearing test and try the latest technology free for one week.