Hearing Your Words

“He listens to my needs and problems”, “I can go back to him anytime with any questions”, “delighted with the service and the personal interest that he gives”, “a willingness to listen and work with me” all of these quotes I found in testimonials from clients just like you.

I researched our testimonials in response to a question posed by a business mentor. He asked, “What is your business really good at doing? What do your clients love about what you do?”

Having been in this business for over 10 years, I was certain I knew the answer. We are really good at properly programming hearing aids. We have programmed over 1,200 with success. People have said time and again, how much better they heard after our programming. To be honest, I was kinda cocky about “knowing” what we did well.

Then the mentor said, “Go read all your testimonials and reviews, all of them. Even if you think you know what your clients have said about you, go back and read each one of them”

Two things humbled me. First was the volume of testimonials and reviews we have received from grateful clients, just like you. Second was the consistency of “he listened to me…”

I have a quirky sense of humor. The irony of a frequent compliment being “he listens” coming from people who can’t hear, gave me a slight chuckle. Then I recalled how Blair’s mom, MaryEllen, would vent her frustrations to Blair, since she knew he would listen.

If someone you know is frustrated with their hearing aids, and needs someone to listen and help, share our newsletter with them, or call us for a “listening” appointment.