Florida Hearing Association and Disciplinary Action

This past month, I attended the Florida Society of Hearing Healthcare Professionals for the annual conference. This is my state association. I enjoy attending because I get to understand issues within the hearing industry. Also, the disciplinary meeting is entertaining.

My Hearing Society has combined required continuing education hours with disciplinary hearings or administration of penalties. By requiring everyone with a license to attend, we hear the penalties which range from $3,000 fines upwards of $50,000 fines. There have been a few years when multiple people had their license revoked.

The disciplinary hearing is probably one of the best attended meetings.

This year there are five cases under investigation. All these cases will be brought back to next years meeting for final review. At the annual meetings punishment will be discussed if a consensus of the board was not met during a prior board meeting.

None of these cases are in our area.

A few years back a case was against Florida Medical Hearing Centers. Their penalty was due to their practice of not monitoring and properly training new staff. Unlicensed staff was testing, diagnosing, and dispensing hearing aids. The current penalty is $10,000 for one of these offences, and $3,000 for a secondary offense.

Due to the severity and nature of the offensives Florida Medical Hearing Centers remains under investigation for additional infractions of these and other regulations.