Do I Have a Loss?

How do I know if I have a hearing loss?

The easy answer is you won’t.

You won’t notice at all. It is your family and friends who will notice your loss. They are the ones who have to repeat everything for you. They are the ones who repeat what the waitress said. They are the ones who repeat what the punchline of the joke is. They are the ones who repeat what your young grandchild asks. They are the ones who repeat what the news anchor announced as breaking news. They are the ones who repeat when the next meeting will be held.

We had a woman who heard me speak at her community event. She had asked the question, how do I know I have a loss? I told her only a hearing test would define any loss she had.

Karen heard her share that she was coming in as a favor to her son-in-law who was frustrated enough to say, I love you and I want you to hear what I say, please get your hearing tested.

As Karen remarked, that is a great man, to know that hearing what he says is how to show him love.

The sentence that saddened Karen was when the woman said, I don’t think my loss is that bad. My husband and I hear the same things, so it isn’t that bad of a loss. Karen didn’t point out that hearing the same could mean both of them have a significant hearing loss. That neither are hearing what others are trying to share with them.

How do you know if you have a hearing loss? You have family and friends who repeat things for you. They love you enough to repeat things.

If you don’t hear your friends and family the first time they share something and want a hearing test to know if you have a loss call 941-244-9300 for a free test.

We want you to hear the love of your family and friends.