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Favorite Aid Programs

Blair is really good at programming. I’ve heard hundreds of people tell me how amazing the new program setting enables them to hear with more confidence. I couldn’t figure out how others could get the program settings so wrong that their experience with Blair’s programming was so amazing.

Then a new client came in for an adjustment, his aids weren’t working well and he wasn’t sure if they needed some repairs. Blair asked how well he was hearing and the man shared that his prior dispenser had the original setting at 80% and then adjusted to 90% and the client couldn’t think how 100% would be better.

I have to give Blair credit here; I would have said something so very offensive like, what? He just did an across the board increase without any input from you on which sounds were doing well? Is the guy a complete moron? That’s like saying my meatball needs a little salt and salting everything from my wine, bread through the meal and into dessert.

Blair very casually said, that is one format for programming (maybe we should consider politics for him, definitely not me).

Blair offered, “If you would be willing I could try to adjust any frequency that you struggle with, and it isn’t your job to tell me which frequency, it is my job to know which frequency based on your explanation of how well you hear in a variety of situations. For example, if you hear well at home, but struggle in restaurants, or you hear your wife well but struggle with TV, both of these statements have separate frequencies that cause the issues. I would then make the adjustment that might give you the best outcome. During the following week, spend time being as social as possible with the new settings. If you’re happy, pay me. If you aren’t we can either, try again, another tweak or I can reset you right back to this setting.”

Just to really brag, we had a couple of the manufacturer reps call to get help for other hearing aid offices for challenging programming issues. An experienced rep, who knew Blair and had witness how Blair handled difficult programs brought new rep into our office. The new rep asked why Blair does programming so well. The experienced rep replied, volume. The trainee asked it again, this time louder. The seasoned rep said, no not louder. I mean that Blair does it a lot, he does a large volume of hearing aids, he sees a wide variety, he is one of our main dispensers and he works with many other companies. I don’t know his actual volume of programming but I would guess for the years he has been doing this, it could be a thousand.

I did the number and we passed a thousand, this includes not just aids we dispensed but all the hearing aids that have come through our doors. The thousand is just for our business, it doesn’t include all the years before we opened our doors and he was in the industry.

I have to say, it is humbling to know that Blair has helped well over a thousand people hear better and have more confidence when connecting with the people they love.

We can repair and adjust almost all brands of Hearing Aids. If you wonder if your program is at its very best and want Blair to review your current settings, please call for an appointment, 244-9300.