Can You Help My Ears?

Expo season is upon us. We have already been in the Chamber Expo, which hosts local businesses. Then we were part of the Sun Fiesta. We have upcoming events in some of the homeowner community events.

When Karen has attended events, she has heard the husbands say, “I hear fine.” And Karen always responds, “You don’t get a vote, your wife does.” Then she turns to the wife and, more often than not, the wife says, “He needs to come in and see you.”

At these events, people approach us and tend to ask similar questions. Sometimes people who ask me, “What’s new in hearing aids?” just aren’t sure what other questions they could ask. They might have a hearing loss, or someone they love does, and they might not be ready to proceed.

This is a difficult conversation to have.

The real question Karen discovered while having lunch downtown with a new acquaintance is, “are you just gonna sell me hearing aids or try to help my hearing loss?”

If you have worked with me, you know the answer. I will work to help you hear better in your life. I won’t sell you more technology than you need, and I won’t sell you so little that you would be frustrated with the hearing aids.

Being in this industry for 17 years, I am passionate about helping people hear well. Like most people, I really enjoy people appreciating my services. We have received a lot of testimonials and posted many of them on our website. I have heard that these letters gave new clients confidence. If you have enjoyed our services, please send us your story that we can share with others.

If you had the time to drop by our table at an expo and say hi, thank you. I really do enjoy saying hello to everyone.