Karen’s Rant

A client just brought me in a competitor’s ad. We like to see them. We want to know what other companies are doing to reach people who struggle with their hearing.

After work when I had a quite moment and Karen was in her office, I walked over and showed the ad to Karen. I got a reaction I wasn’t expecting.

The ad is rather standard, it offers a free lunch to come hear about the latest trends in the hearing aid industry.

In this ad the premise was a little different. The ad stated: “We’ll expose the truth about hearing aids that most companies DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW!” (This is how they typed it in the ad.)

And off on a rant she went. I wish I could have recorded it. Some of the memorable moments went something like:

· Are they really, I mean really, talking with other hearing aid offices? Because the people we know who work in this industry are trying to help and wouldn’t “withhold the truth” from people.

· Have they ever gone online and read your testimonials? Time and again people write that you explained things in a way that their prior hearing aid person didn’t.

· Don’t they know all Americans are sick and tired of being frightened and scared into decisions, and yet in the ad, they are terrorizing people by saying the truth isn’t being told to them.

· Why do they want clients who are frozen with fear? Why don’t they reassure people that we are with them, to help them, to ease their way to better hearing?

Then she added, “These ads that torment and terrorize people really steams me up….”

It was her last line that fully amused me. She didn’t need to tell me it “steams her up” I was present for her whole rant.

If you have concerns about your loss, or about the effectiveness of your current aids, call me for a free, no decision consultation. I will personally share the truth with you.