Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Rechargeable hearing aids are now available for demo.

During the past few months, we asked our clients to give us honest feedback about these new hearing aids. We have received raves about these new hearing aids.

We heard the hype from the manufacturers but the response from our clients has been better than we hoped for about these rechargeable hearing aids.

Our clients were impressed with the clarity of speech and the lack of distracting background noise. They did like having the convenience of putting the hearing aids in the charger case and not having to fiddle with small batteries. Yet each client was more impressed with the sound quality.

We currently have four models available for demonstration, from different manufacturers. We carry a variety of brands to ensure the sound quality is what you want to hear. We had a few clients who tried two brands before they knew exactly which hearing aid gave them more confidence in conversations.

We always want the hype from manufacturers to be accurate, but we think they are underselling this new technology. Not only is there better speech clarity but the ease of not having to fiddle with tiny batteries is such a bonus.

We are offering you a chance to experience rechargeable hearing aids at no cost to you. If you have been curious about rechargeable hearing aids and want to try them, call us for a free demo 941-244-9300.