Sound Preferences Abound

In our family, we rarely agree on music. It is the one thing that actually divides our family. Blair loves his 70’s disco dance music or jazz. Adam is all about the moody music of his generation. Evan loves the loud banging club music. I love classical. I really could just float away on the strains and swells that classical music creates for me. I am still surprised by the adamant avoidance my family has to classical music.

I do enjoy popular music quite a bit, such as the Mumford and Sons more popular tracks (you can see them on YouTube.) What really surprised me was the music that does bring us together, American Rock, the 70’s and 80’s rock sounds.

We have gotten caught up in a TV series that has classic rock as its music track. The TV series is Supernatural, Evan introduced it to me, and I introduced it to Blair. We watch it on Netflix. I realized that even in our family we have our own preference of what sounds good to us. Each of us has certain sounds we find easier to listen to than others.

Recently a new client came in, Linda. She asked about a hearing aid brand that her sister wears and loves. We know the brand, and we also know the sound quality had a bit more metallic sound in the high frequencies, which is where most people have their hearing loss.

I could hear Blair trying gently to explain the quality difference, and he realized hearing experiences can’t be explained, they must be experienced.

He let Linda demo the manufacturer her sister recommended, and sure enough, she returned later that afternoon. She couldn’t stand the metallic sound quality that she heard.

She then tried the brand Blair recommended. He said she would enjoy the mellowness of the higher frequencies. Sure enough, she loves them. When she came back for her follow up she shared the rest of the story.

Linda had spoken with her sister and found out that her sister wasn’t given the option to try each manufacturer to ensure it was her preference for sound quality. She appreciates Blair for allowing her, and encouraging her, to try the various manufacturers’ sounds to find her own preference. She was also impressed that Blair wasn’t trying to sell her but her allow her to experience her best sounds.

Call our office to try different sounds and determine your preference.