Your Spouse Can Tell

Karen recently had one of our new clients, a first time wearer, ask her one of those “Here’s Your Sign” questions.

He stood in front of her holding hearing devices with dead batteries. Standing there in confidence he said, “I didn’t even know they stopped working.”

She did not point out the obvious: then how did you know to bring them here? Instead she asked him, “did your wife notice?” He seemed surprised that she knew what happened, “yes,” he said.

Yes, quite a few of our husbands, more so than our female clients, purchase their first set to ease friction with their spouse. We know spouses want an easy, enjoyable, engaging life experience for their partner.

A wife wants her husband to hear independently. When he hears on his own, he won’t be so dependent on her to translate the punch-line or what the kids just said. She will feel like he is a partner and not a dependent. We see it so often. We see it too often.

Most first time wearers don’t fully appreciate or value how hearing devices are assisting them. Yet, their spouse, family and friends no-tice their ability to participate in conversations. Quite a few first time wearers purchased their first set for a spouse’s happiness. It follows the simple saying, Happy Wife, Happy Life.

Ask your friends, family, spouse if they notice an improvement, they want the best for you. Listen to their response when you are wearing new technology.

If you have you heard “HUH?” or “What?” too often, we can help you have a relaxed, happy environment in your home and with your family. Call us, 244-9300, if you think you or someone you love needs a hearing test.