Studying Swimming

Recently a couple stopped in to inquire about hearing aids. They had read many articles online. Well, he had read many articles online. He read about hearing tests, different models, and various manufacturers.

He read so much he was probably more informed than first year students of audioprosthology.

But, learning about hearing aids, especially when you are the one who needs to hear better, is a lot like watching YouTube videos about swimming. Watching someone jump into the pool and attempt to float, doesn’t offer the same insight as being there.

It’s not at all the same thing as feeling the water skim along your skin. Experiencing how to relax, float, and feel the pressure of the water. When you experience buoyancy, you are swimming.

Learning about technology inside the hearing aids and the purpose of the various algorithms won’t help you hear your wife at the restaurant.

Now, I don’t want to discourage anyone from learning more, especially about the benefits of hearing aids.

The only way to appreciate all the technology in the little device is to try one.

Get a hearing test and then demo a hearing aid.

Will it be perfect? Likely, not. Was the first time you jumped into swim perfect? Likely, not.

Only by trying hearing aids will you appreciate the algorithms that allow you to hear at frequency adjustments in real time. Hearing aids aren’t about making everything louder. Hearing aids only increase the specific frequencies that you struggle with. This is why a current hearing test is necessary. We need to fit your loss. We need to help you, and only you, hear your best.

I had a great conversation about the latest technology, but that still didn’t help him hear any better when they got in the car.

If you have read about hearing aids and wonder if they might help you, please call us for a free, no obligation demonstration to help you hear better.