Nationally Known

I have now gotten my 3rd pair of hearing aides from Blair Post. I wanted to share a story with you about how well thought of Blair is, literally nationally. As part of the process of setting up my new hearing aides, Blair had asked me to bring in my Resound streamer boxes and he would link them up. Upon getting home, I was plugging them in and broke a little door piece on the back of one and thus the cord would not stay in the box. I phoned Resound Customer Service and spoke with an Agent based out of Minnesota. He asked me who sold me my hearing aides. When I told him Blair Post and Contemporary Hearing he knew right away who Blair was. I asked him how in the heck he could know Blair in our little town of Venice. He told me that he deals with 3000 plus hearing aide providers on behalf of Resound and that he has had so many calls through the years from patients of Blair who just rave about him. He told me that he fields so many calls everyday, from people that are dissatisfied from their providers. Quite an amazing story, almost unique....so I just wanted to share it. And PS, I would certainly recommend Blair and Contemporary Hearing to anyone.

- Jeff K.
Venice, FL

Blair Post provides what is needed, first time

Just a moment to pass along kudos for Contemporary Hearing, "on the Island". Of all the hearing places I have had to go for my hearing loss, none come close to the professionalism, and care for follow-up, as this business! I pass this along because, as a new "Floridian", there are so many hearing aid places here, it becomes a dizzying prospect to sort through and find the "right" one that will provide what is needed without allot of trial and error. Blair Post provides what is needed, first time, with humor and professionalism that engenders confidence and peace of mind. Also, his monthly new letter, Hear Hear, provides handy tips for on going hearing aids care, and interesting Florida tidbits that promote pride and insight into Florida's out of the way attractions, all presented with Blair's unique sense of humor. My hope is this will provide you with reliable information about an outstanding business in your community that you may recommend, with complete confidence, to anyone with this particular need. So, a hearty Hear Hear for Contemporary Hearing!!

- Bob C.
Venice, FL

An abundance of knowledge, patience, humor and INTEGRITY

I have worn hearing aids for a number of years, on and off. I say on and off because it has been off more with my most recent pair purchased from another provider in Venice. I had an annoying problem with feedback which neither they nor another local provider were able to correct or alleviate. Both told me I should consider newer, more advanced models, which they would be happy to sell me. Since mine were similar, I felt they were more interested in making a sale than helping me. As a result, they wound up in my dresser drawer (not an uncommon situation). Finally, I decided to give it one more go. I went to Christie's Hearing Aids. The very nice man there did not have the software to work with my hearing aids and referred me to Blair Post at Contemporary Hearing. He even called ahead to see if they could work with me and booked me a same day appointment. What they said couldn't be done, was done by Blair. No sales pitch on newer models; just a willingness to listen to and work with me. After testing my hearing, he patiently with me to make adjustments to the programming. He also refitted the aids with new leads and cones. The ones I had were not sized or fitted properly and caused much of the feedback. I was given a follow up appointment the next week at which time Blair fine tuned the programming based and changed out one of the cones for another size. These were simple, inexpensive solutions to a fixable problem. Although I was advised of charges ahead of time, no payment was collected until I was satisfied. Although I found Blair to have an abundance of knowledge, patience and humor, his greatest attribute is INTEGRITY. He honestly wants to help. I would recommend Blair Post and Contemporary Hearing to any person desiring to improve their hearing.

- Marvin J. B.
Venice, FL

More businesses should be run like this

Although I have owned a home on Venice Island since 1993, I am a newcomer, in the process of relocating here permanently.
I was told by a friend about a wellness event being held at the community center several weeks ago and I reluctantly attended to give me something to pass the time.
Well, it turned out to be a fantastic experience because I met Blair Post of Contemporary Hearing, one of several venders available. After having spoken to some of the other hearing aid venders, I returned to Blair's table and he spent 15-20 minutes talking to me about various options.
I had resisted getting anything for my hearing loss for several years because, well, just because I was not ready to admit I had a problem. I left the event with much literature and several business cards but once home, I discarded all but Blair's.
He made such a favorable impression on me, was very compassionate, soft spoken and did not "hard sell" his products.
I have followed up with Blair at his office, have met and like his office staff and feel I have found friends in Venice.
I now have 2 hearing aids and can hear my fingers tapping the computer keys as I type, listen to TV without keeping my neighbors up and all that goes along with healthy living. Lovely to hear everything and everyone again.
I write this note to let you know what a wonderful service Blair provides for this community. He should be commended for his approach, the welcome reception one gets when entering his office and because more businesses should be run like his.

- Marion S.
Venice, FL

The Best Marriage Counselors in Town

Living with a person who has impaired hearing can be very trying for them and the rest of the family.
After using several different hearing aids, our desperation led us to Contemporary Hearing.
Deafness has a psychology all its own. Contemporary Hearing didn't stick a devise in my husband's ears and set him loose to find his own way. They trained him to use his equipment to his best advantage. While working with him they explained and encouraged me, too.
Now at family dinners my husband participates. Our daughter said he used to just fade away because he could not hear. The TV no longer booms through the whole house and the days of, "HUH?" "What did you say?" seem to be over.
If there are questions or problems the oversight from Blair and his wife is always there.

- Patricia H.
Venice, FL

The first person to really help me

I would like to share with you my experience with Blair Post of Contemporary Hearing. I have worked with six different Doctors of Audiology over the years due to my hearing loss. Blair is the first person to really help me improve my hearing and not just sell me new aids. He listens to my needs and problems and makes sure he understands them and then corrects them. I cannot recommend him highly enough to others who are frustrated with their hearing impairment.

- Howard W.
Venice, FL

Beyond the call of duty

I have been working with Blair on my hearing problems for the last three or more years. It has been a most satisfactory experience.
The change Blair suggested from my previous aids to the new ones has allowed me to keep the equipment in for the entire day. I forget how much they are doing for me until I take them out; my, the world gets quiet.
He has been superb in seeing me ASAP when a problem develops. Why, he have even made the effort to come to my apartment to clear up a glitch - this is beyond the call of duty.
I have recommended Blair to friends, and they have been delighted with the service and the personal interest that he gives.
I congratulate Blair on his nomination for small Business of the Year by the Venice Chamber of Commerce. I hope they give him an elegant scroll to mount on his wall, and it would be nice if they gave him a pin to wear on his lapel.
All good wishes and hope for continuing success spiced with impressive awards.

- George D.
The Glenridge in Sarasota, FL

Caring atmosphere with the best technology

From the first phone call with Cindy, to the appointment with Blair, I was impressed! I took my four year old in to have his hearing checked. Cindy was magnificent with, Samuel! Blair did an outstanding job. This is the place to go when you need a caring atmosphere with the best technology! Way to go!

- April B.
Venice, FL

He worked with me until I felt very, very comfortable

My name is Edith M. and I am from New Hampshire. I have recently purchased hearing aids from Blair Post, Contemporary Hearing of Venice.
Blair is one of the nicest and most patient people I have met in this field of hearing. First of all, he made sure that I had someone to contact in NH (when we go back) in the event I had questions, need supplies, make adjustments, etc. This was very important to me as I kept hearing from others elsewhere that the hearing aids just don't work and support just isn't there. With Blair that just was not true. He worked with me until I felt very, very comfortable and assured me that I can go back to him anytime with any questions, adjustments, etc. I am now wearing my hearing aids everyday and don't even realize that I have them on. To me that is terrific.

- Edith M.
Venice, FL

His knowledge is excellent

I should like to recommend anyone seeking hearing aids, to Blair Post at Contemporary Hearing. I have been dealing with hearing aid companies for many years and Blair is the very best that I have come across. His knowledge is excellent and his manner outstanding.

- Ken G.
Venice, FL

The Posts are the best option in and around Venice

I'd like to share with you my wonderful experience with Blair Post's Contemporary Hearing of Venice, Florida!
My mother's hearing loss threatened her ability to live independently, a serious blow to her considerable pride. She, my sister and I couldn't live farther apart from each other, contributing to our anxiety. Blair's expertise in his field is evident, but his greatest talent is his ability to impart complex diagnostic and technological information to his patients in clear, easily understandable forms and language. He caters to a skeptical clientele - the elderly - so this is no small feat!
Blair quickly identified my mother's problem, suggested a variety of solutions and guided us to the best choice for our unique circumstances. He followed up and continues to do so. He reassured us with his disarming wit and humor winning our trust and respect and giving us confidence that mom could maintain her lifestyle.
Of course, Blair has a "secret weapon" -- his wife! She is both receptionist and "Gal Friday" and is able to put even the most skittish client at ease with her charm, openness and sunny disposition. The Posts are the best option in and around Venice for any family facing the daunting challenge of a loved one's hearing loss.

- John C. , Jr. (Counselor-at-Law)

He is kind, available and definitely knows what he is doing!

I have been hard of hearing for about ten years and in that time have had the services of several audiologists. None have surpassed those of Blair Post. He is kind, available and definitely knows what he is doing!
During my purchase of a new hearing aid, he was most patient and helpful and I am completely satisfied.
All in all, I highly urge anyone with the need of this type of service, to Contemporary Hearing!

- Muriel S.
Venice, FL

He took time to talk with me about my present hearing aids

I am writing to let you know of the wonderful experience I have had with Mr. Blair Post of Contemporary Hearing in Venice. Normally I would not have contacted the Chamber of Commerce but my experience with Mr. Post was so unusual that I felt the need to let you know.
I was a walk-in customer in March 2008. I guess it was the "positive vibe" I got when I walked past the door, and then I went in. Immediately I was greeted by the receptionist and then Blair. He was personable, professional and funny, all at the same time. He took time to talk with me about my present hearing aids, the reasons why I was not happy with them and the options I had in order to hear better given my lifestyle. He suggested a product and then said I could take them out and walk around with them for the weekend, and return them after a few days. I was stunned! I couldn't imagine anyone letting someone walk out with $3,000 worth of hearing aids! needless to say he and I chose the best product for me and I bought them after the initial trial period.
In the year since my purchase Blair and I talked on the telephone (I live in Philadelphia) on the few occasions I had a question. He also supplied me with batteries for the year. In each instance he was professional yet approachable. When I returned to Venice in January of this year I stopped by the office and was greeted by name, even though I know he has hundreds of clients. I have recommended him to numerous people who have asked about my hearing aids, mostly because they did not know I was wearing them (they are not really visible)!
Blair Post is a credit to the Chamber and is deserving of your attention as an exemplary member and businessman. I am pleased to recommend him for any award that the Chamber bestows.

- Susan N.
Venice, FL

The most comprehensive and best hearing test

I am a "snowbird" from Annapolis, Maryland and I'd like to tell you about a truly pleasant and helpful experience I've had in your lovely city.
I wear a hearing aid and have for many years. I was having a lot of problems with my hearing aid, which my local MD had done little to help, so I decided to try out Contemporary Hearing.
There I met Blair Post, the owner and his wife, Karen. First of all, he gave me the most comprehensive and best hearing test I have ever had --- and I've had many. He then spent two hours at that time trying to program my aids and figure out how he could improve them which involved ordering software for his computer, trying to access my records from Maryland, etc. His wife was also extremely helpful with some good advice as to hearing coping skills. He then loaned me hearing aids while he worked on mine!

I am completely impressed with his knowledge and how important it was for him to make me comfortable with my hearing problem. He is extremely well versed in knowledge, not only of hearing aids and ears but he also is a kind and compassionate person. I don't need to buy new hearing aids at this moment (thanks to him) but when I do, I will come back to Florida to make my purchase from him. That is how much I trust him.
If you get any calls from people needing information as to where they can go for help with hearing aid problems, I would hope that you would recommend Blair Post, Contemporary Hearing, 242 Tamiami Trail South.
We've had a lovely time for the third year in a row in your lovely city, and we look forward to returning next year.

- Anne M.

I would recommend him to anyone who needs hearing aids

Thank you for being so kind and helpful while I was adjusting to my new hearing aids. I would recommend you to anyone who needs hearing aids.
Also, thank your wife for being so good to me.
I hope you have many years of a successful business.

- Marguerite L.

It was wonderful to get things back to normal so I hear better

Hello Blair,
I wanted to thank you so much for helping me out that day. My hearing aids have been much better. Venice is very pretty and everyone was so wonderful to me, but I am glad to be back in Scottsdale, AZ.
It was wonderful to get things back to normal so I hear better.

- Dorajean L.
Scottsdale, AZ

Mr. Blair Post as an exemplary health professional

I am writing to recommend Mr. Blair Post as an exemplary health professional experienced in contemporary hearing. Mr. Post assisted me with a hearing aid best suited to my needs. His courteous and caring approach helped me to make a smooth transition to the use of this device.
The loss of hearing can cause frustration and make a negative impact on life, both professionally and personally. Running my own company means that I cannot afford to lose a minute due to problems with communication. Additionally, I spend time with my wife and two grandchildren regularly and want to be able to hear every precious word. Mr. Post helped ensure that my hearing is up to the demands of my daily life and he fitted me with the right device and made me feel completely comfortable in the process.
Mr. Post would make a great addition to any organization because of his superior approach to customer service combined with his positive, enthusiastic attitude!

- Robert N.

Above and Beyond

Blair went above and beyond in my opinion to help me with my hearing aids. I am visiting from Colorado but Blair and Adam treated us as if we had lived here our entire lives.

- James T.

The loop provided much better clarity

Prior to using the looping system, I tried a few head phone systems including TV Ears. None of them worked as well as the loop which provided much better clarity, ease of use, volume control and ease of switching from TV to normal hearing mode. When theaters and churches etc. install loops this system should allow those with a loop aid to enjoy these places again. The difference between the loop vs. the wireless systems is the loop ties you to the loop location while a wireless (Bluetooth 2.4gh) allows more mobility.

- Jim McM.

The looping system gives me all that I need through my hearing aid

Thank you for introducing us to "Looping Technology". We installed the looping system in our living room connected to the TV. It's amazing that I can actually watch a program with the sound literally turned off in the room so that I do not disturb anyone and yet I am hearing the TV better than ever before. It is to the point where I no longer need to rely on close caption. And now, we can set the room volume of the TV at a comfortable level for my wife, while the looping system gives me all that I need through my hearing aid telecoil. We have since gone to some shows and concerts where looping is commercially installed and the experience is breath taking.
It has actually spoiled me to the point that I look forward to the day when Looping becomes the standard everywhere. There is no doubt that looping system technology has made not only a difference in my life, but also my while family.
We would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to Blair & Karen Post at Contemporary Hearing. They are exceptional dispensers of hearing devices and have exceeded our expectations in many ways along with great advice, kindness and friendship. It is an ear opening experience.

- Dane C.

It has been a great experience with my ReSound hearing aids

My name is Dick B. and I am a customer of Contemporary Hearing. I started going to them about four years ago when my old hearing aids were not working properly. The person I purchased them from skipped town after I bought them. Blair Post helped me with the warranties I had and serviced them for me. Blair was great. I now have a new set, they are "ReSound" hearing aids I have purchased from Blair at Contemporary Hearing. What a difference my new hearing aids has made. I cannot tell you how much I have missed all these years. A couple of years ago I quit going to meetings because I could not hear. Thanks to Blair Post and my new "ReSound" hearing aids, I am back going to my meetings and can actually join in on the conversation. I got the "ReSound" TV unit, it is great I can program the TV right to my hearing aid and still hear someone else talking in the room. It has been a great experience with my "ReSound" hearing aids. Thank you, Blair.

- Richard B.

First class courtesy, compassion, and professional service

After retiring several years ago I am delighted to live in warm and sunny Florida. Age has dimed my hearing ability and I must now depend on a pair of hearing aids to bring me back into the hearing world. Recently my hearing aids (purchased in Massachusetts) failed to function and I was in need of a local resolve. Much to my pleasure I found Contemporary Hearing at 242 Tamiami Trail So., Venice and Mr. Blair Post. Blair resolved my every need and repaired my hearing aids. Blair Post and Contemporary Hearing provided me with first class courtesy, compassion, and professional service and I wish to acknowledge that and intend to recommend them to many seniors residing in Holiday Park here in North Port.

- Kenneth W.

I now hear everything clearly

What a great change, what an improvement. I knew that my hearing was steadily declining. However, I didn't realize how much it could be improved (or corrected) until my first visit to your offices.
Your service was considerate, helpful, and sensitive to my particular needs and you had just the right product for me. I also must compliment you on your pleasant offices. It makes the visit much more comfortable.
As a member of the Venice City Council, even sitting on the dais close to my fellow council members, frequently I had to strain to hear the discussions, or comments from the staff and the public.
What a difference. I now hear everything clearly. With the 4 available settings, including "looping" in my aids, my enjoyment of performances at the Venice Theater is better than ever.
Please include me among your most satisfied and loyal customers.

- Emilio C.